In 2004, Ned Andrew Solomon began to explore his artistic side, an outgrowth of the intricate doodles he’d been putting on paper since early childhood. Although he dabbles in numerous media, sometimes collaborating on watercolor quilt collages with artist, life coach and wife, Gina Lynette, Ned Andrew’s primary focus is elaborate, richly hued, colored pencil creations which feature curious creatures intermingling and inhabiting every inch of the paper.

“I enjoy work that you can’t grasp in its entirety on first viewing,” says Ned Andrew. “I believe the longer you look at one of my pieces, and on return visits to it, the shapes evolve into characters you didn’t spot before. I’ve been pleasantly amazed by the figures and shapes children see – that I never even realized were there!

“And although I appreciate all kinds of art, I want my pieces to be uplifting, not off-putting. They are typically created during my times of extreme relaxation and personal well-being, so I can only hope that people who view my art – or choose to decorate their walls with it – will feel the same way.”

Here’s a sampling of Ned Andrew’s original artwork: