Curious Creatures

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Curious Creatures Density by Design Enhanced

Curious Creatures - Sherbet - Updated 2-5-21 - Enhanced

colorful creatures - happy hour enhanced

Curious Creatures - Miami - Enhanced

Density by Design Diptych  11″ x 14″








Sherbet 11″ x 14″










Happy Hour 11″ x 14″


















Miami 6″ x 6″







Curious Creatures - Before Pandemic 2020 - enhanced

Before Corona 11″ x 14″

Curious Creatures - North

North 11 “x 14”

A Curious Creatures FAQ by Ned Andrew

Intersection (detail)

Q: What are Curious Creatures?

NAS: I don’t really know, which makes me very curious.


Rumor (detail)

Q: Where do they exist?

NAS: Everywhere, really. But they seem to be happiest in close contact with other Curious Creatures. You will typically find them in busy places: intersections, towns, communities, cities, marketplaces, all sorts of locations for gathering.


Town Square (detail)

Q: Where do they come from?

NAS: From my imagination, and the tips of my Prisma Colored Pencils.


Tribe (detail)

Q: What do they believe in?

NAS: Well, just like all gatherings of individuals – be they humans or creatures – saying that they all believe in one thing, or the same way, is a misnomer. This is a very opinionated bunch! That said, I would venture that they have some core beliefs, like:

  • Maximum Diversity
  • Inclusion – All are Welcome
  • Mutual Respect
  • Every Creature Has a Voice, and a Chance to Speak
  • They All Learn from Each Other


Community Living 

Q: Where can I find Curious Creatures?

NAS: Originals, framed originals, giclee prints and framed giclee prints are all available. They have even been found on T-shirts, coffee mugs, greeting cards, and other inhabitable surfaces. You can order as many as you’d like here.

Q: How can I find out more?

NAS: Please send your questions or comments to Contact Ned Andrew.