Ned Andrew Solomon is an engaging speaker who has been presenting trainings, workshops and conference breakout sessions for 15 years. Because Ned has had the good fortune of being a conference coordinator himself, and audience member for hundreds of presentations, he’s been “schooled” in what makes audience react positively, and negatively, to presenters and their topics. He’s worked hard to incorporate the best aspects of what he’s experienced into his typically interactive “conversations” with audiences.

Although Ned is capable of presenting on a variety of topics, the two he gets asked to present on most frequently are Disability Awareness and Sensitivity, and Conducting Effective Meetings.


Disability Awareness and Sensitivity

In Disability Awareness and Sensitivity, Ned utilizes his “in the trenches” expertise – being a father and stepfather of three children with disabilities, and conducting leadership trainings for persons with disabilities since 2000 – to deliver, in a very non-threatening and entertaining way, what the barriers are to interacting with individuals with disabilities, and how to tear down those barriers.

Through conversation and video Ned lets participants peek into the world of disability to help unravel their hesitations and anxieties into opening up their worlds – their businesses, their homes, their places of worship, their schools, their communities – to peers who live just a little differently, but who want the same things in their daily lives that most people want: financial security, good health and positive relationships with family and friends.


Conducting Effective Meetings

Who hasn’t attended a meeting and sat there, bored, scratching their head, wondering what the reason was for the meeting in the first place, and why they weren’t doing like 146 other important things instead?

Who hasn’t spent 90 minutes in a meeting supposedly working toward a goal or finished product that never materializes, because of poor meeting facilitation, internal bickering, or listening to Charlie’s fourth retelling of his cat surgery story?

Who hasn’t been to a meeting where the minutes from the previous month’s meetings were never sent, and the agenda for this meeting was e-mailed 5 minutes before it began?

Not many. Ned has been to all of these kinds of meetings, too many times.

With over 10 years experience facilitating meetings, some of them even effective, Ned gives some tips and guidelines for making meetings run smoother, and be more productive.

Attendees will learn about:

What makes a good meeting?

Why a well-written agenda is so important to meeting success.

The roles of meeting participants.

How preparation can make or break a meeting.

Why ground rules help all attendees get on the “same page”

Where and why meetings get “stuck”.

How to address challenging meeting personalities.