Published Works

You might say writing is in Ned Andrew Solomon’s blood.

He might even say that.

He’s been writing for a long, long time. As a kid, enthralled with science fiction and mysteries, he wrote peculiar prose pieces about rocket ships and the curious creatures who piloted them.

At nine years old he wrote his first song for a girl he adored named Abby. The song was called “Abby”. He wrote a few more, and lo and behold, his father, Donald Clifford Solomon, booked him studio time in a professional studio, and Ned recorded a bonafied record. That was perhaps the first time he was “encouraged” to be a writer, and was gifted with the impression that things he was writing were worthy of “being out there”. He thanks his dad for that.

Writing for others really kicked in during college at Johns Hopkins, where Ned wrote and edited a school newspaper, contributing theater reviews and essays about campus life. He also had several one-act plays produced.

After graduating with a degree in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins, Ned spent the next several years trying to become a famous singer and songwriter – but you can read about that stuff in the music section.

It wasn’t until he moved to Nashville, and adopted two newborn girls through Catholic Charities that he found his writing voice again. Those adventures were published in a newszine called FamilyZone, and at some point Ned will put those up on his site, because, truth is, they’re not half bad.

Writing continuously for FamilyZone and KidZone for The Tennessean, Ned Andrew realized he might be able to make a buck or three from writing articles for other venues too. Numerous publications followed, and if you’re interested, there’s a semi-comprehensive list below.

Anywho, he’s been doing that for about 30 years now. He’s written articles about theater, art, music, disability issues, home design, financial concerns, computers – you name it. His absolute favorite thing to write is positive stories about people who are doing, or have done wonderful things in their communities. You can read some of those on Ned’s blog page, and he’ll keep putting them up there until he runs out of positive things to say about wonderful people – which might be never.

In addition to his development as a published writer, Ned Andrew has spent the last 20 years editing other people’s writings. He has served as the managing editor and editor-in-chief for numerous publications. He is especially skilled as a Book Coach and Editor, helping established and novice authors bring their books to fruition. To find out more about Ned Andrew’s Book Coaching and Editing services, go to here.



BA, Writing Seminars
Johns Hopkins University

Regular contributor to:

  • The Tennessee Register
  • Breaking Ground
  • CCA

 Articles published in:

  • Abingdon Press
  • American Profile
  • Business Nashville
  • CitySearch: Nashville
  • ComputerUser
  • Early Childhood Research Institute on Inclusion
  • FamilyZone
  • KidZone
  • Little Planet Publishing
  • Nashville Arts Magazine
  • The Nashville Banner
  • Nashville Life
  • The Nashville Scene
  • Owen Manager
  • Peabody Reflector
  • Quarternote Magazine
  • The Tennessean
  • Tennessee Homes
  • Vanderbilt Lawyer
  • Vanderbilt Magazine
  • Vanderbilt Register

Special Projects:

  • Kindred: Word Portraits of Tennesseans with Disabilities
  • Project: Solution, a character education newspaper for Kindergarten through fourth grades
  • Sacagewea: A Serial Story in Eight Chapters
  • Colleagues on the Cumberland, profiles of law firms in Nashville

Areas of expertise:

  • Human interest stories
  • Education and special education issues
  • The arts
  • Disability issues