Curious Creature Tales: Density by Design

Curious Creatures Density by Design Enhanced







Just like us, Curious Creatures make choices.

Some of them choose to live in close proximity to just a few friends, or family members.

Some of them, by choice, decide to live alone.

Still, many of the Curious Creatures choose to live amongst and amidst countless numbers of their brethren and sistren, as well as a multitude whose gender is more fluid.

These Creatures live in density by design. Though dense does not explain all their choices. In fact, the vast majority of them like their music light and airy, with lots of room to breathe. Their living quarters are typically sparse, too – again by choice – with lovely but functional furniture and some beloved, beautiful things.

So why do I usually choose to paint the Curious Creatures who co-habitat densely by design, and not the others who live more sequestered lives? It is because they are so much easier to spot! They are SO tiny, that it takes a dense collection of them – two to three thousand – to be seen by our naked eyes. Which may explain why you’ve not been aware of their presence before now. But they are – to quote Lennon & McCartney – Here, There and Everywhere.