Curious Creature Tales: Happy Hour

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Every Creatures needs a break sometime. It can’t all be go-go-go, work-work-work, can it?

And every Creature deserves a happy hour or two, no?

Well, what you may not know about Curious Creatures is that they go out of their way to be as happy as they can be for as many hours of each day as possible.

It’s not like they don’t have their down times, or concerns, or hopes and dreams that don’t always come true. But it’s what they do with those less-than-stellar moments, that makes all the difference.

They try not to dwell on the sad parts. They forgive easily – others and themselves. They recognize that yesterday was yesterday, today is today, and tomorrow will be tomorrow, which is really a useful thing to know when problems arise. And whenever they can, they build each other up, because they know that they’ll have a bad day too now and then, and having a friend is always a good thing.

None of us, Creatures or otherwise, can be happy all the time, but as their saying goes, “In the balance of your life, may you have more happy hours.”