A New Year

A New Year

Goodbye 2020, and good riddance. We will not miss you, nor ever forget you. You are indelibly stamped on our psyches and through our losses, our dis-ease, our months upon months of isolation.

Here comes our chance to have a better year, though the harsh realities of 2020 will not fade soon, or soon enough.

I propose some New Year Resolutions. Realistic ones, like, I will endeavor to:

Eat better and healthier foods

Be more patient with my children, spouse, parents, co-workers, __________________

Watch less anxiety-inducing news

Set aside time in my day for non-screen connection, rest, reflection, gentle movement, creativity, _______________

Keep learning

Be kinder, more tolerant, less judgmental, slower to blame others, and quicker to forgive

Focus less on the negative; seek the positive

Be more grateful for what I have

Allow and contribute to quiet and calm

Live authentically

Support others

Be a voice of ‘yes’

Disregard inner voices that shame or feed doubt

Be in the moment.


This may not be the answer to every problem, but it won’t hurt anyone or anything in the process.

May we all have a Happier New Year.

Love; blessings; gratitude.

New Year

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